Massachusetts Mortgage Loan Originator License

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Massachusetts Mortgage Loan Originator License

Who is required to have this license?

Any natural person who for compensation or gain or in the expectation of compensation or gain: (i) takes a residential mortgage loan application; or (ii) offers or negotiates terms of a residential mortgage loan.

Sole proprietors licensed as mortgage brokers or mortgage lenders by the Division, as well as owners, officers and directors of entities licensed as mortgage lenders or mortgage brokers, are required to be licensed as mortgage loan originators in Massachusetts if they meet the definition above.

Who does not need this license?

Employees whose responsibilities are limited to clerical and administrative tasks and who do not solicit borrowers, accept applications or negotiate the terms of residential mortgage loans on behalf of their employer. However, loan processors and underwriters who retained as independent contractors, are required to obtain a Mortgage Loan Originator License. A list of exempt individuals is provided in CHAPTER 44 OF THE ACTS OF 2009.

Individuals who hold a Massachusetts Community Development Mortgage Loan Originator license, and are employed by a community development corporation as defined in Massachusetts General Law chapter 40F, section 1 and organized under the General Laws.


  • 1. Total license costs: $530.00 annually. The license application investigation fee that is required to be paid once, at time of initial application, is $115.00.
  • 2. All fees are collected through the NMLS and ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • 3. Jurisdiction-specific requirements must be received within 5 business days of the electronic submission of your application through the NMLS at the following:

What are the pre-requisites for license applications?

  • Education: Prior to submitting a license application, applicants must complete a NMLS approved pre-licensing education course(s) that satisfied the Division’s regulation 209 CMR 41.04(2)(e). [For any applicant who submits an application through October 31, 2009, they can take either a Division approved pre-licensing education course or an NMLS approved pre-licensing education course.]
  • Testing: As of November 1, 2009, all new applicants, in addition to satisfying all other pre-requisites, must have also passed both the federal and Massachusetts component of the S.A.F.E. Act exams to qualify for application.

For more information regarding education, testing, and S.A.F.E. Act compliance please visit the
Division’s FAQs.

For more information about the actual course please visit Mortgage Education Course FAQ’s.

Massachusetts Mortgage Loan Originator License


Massachusetts State Requirments

SAFE ACT Requirements

  • SAFE MLO Test – Existing licensees as of 10/31/2009 must pass the National and State Components of the SAFE MLO Test by 10/31/2010. All new applicants on or after 11/1/2009 must pass the National and State Components of the SAFE MLO Test prior to submitting their application.
  • Criminal Background Check – All licensees must submit fingerprints through NMLS for a criminal background check by 10/31/2010.
  • Credit Report – All licensees must authorize a credit report through NMLS by 10/31/2010.

Massachusetts Mortgage Education Requirements

  • SAFE Act Pre-License (Required courses – SAFE CORE 8 hours) – All new applicants on or after 11/1/2009 must have completed 20 hours of NMLS approved pre-licensure education, including 3 hours of MA specific. Existing licensees as of 10/31/2009 must complete 20 hours of pre-licensure education by 10/31/2010, unless the licensee has complete 20 hours of state approved education prior to 10/31/2009. State approved courses will no longer be accepted after 10/31/2009.
  • SAFE Act Continuing Education (Required courses – SAFE CORE 7 hours) – All licensees must take 8 hours of NMLS approved continuing education, including 1 hours of MA specific, in 2010 in order to renew for 2011, unless PE was completed in 2010. This course should be taken Yearly by 12/31.
  • Certification (Education) – Currently licensed MLOs who have completed at least 20 hours of MA State approved education on or before 10/31/2009 may be eligible to participate in the PE certification process and may not need to take the NMLS approved pre-licensure education. Refer to your state agency for more information.

For more information about the actual course please visit Mortgage Education Course FAQ’s.

Massachusetts Mortgage Loan Originator License